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What type of background checks do airlines use when hiring a candidate to become a pilot for their company?

(Nathan Montgomery) #1

I am just wondering how airlines check to make sure, you as a pilot, hold all the qualities to become a pilot. What type of background checks do they do?


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Why? What you do? :slight_smile:

Ok first, before you ever get near an airline when applying for your FAA Medical they will ask about ANY arrests and/or convictions. They ask this as a courtesy because, as I’m sure you’re aware, we live in the information age and NOTHING is a secret. If you’re less than honest and something does come up you’re done since lying on a the application is a federal offense. Once you get to the airlines the background process can vary but by federal law all airline pilot applicants go through a 10 yr FBI background check and a driver’s license check (DUI/DWI’s are bad). Many will also do a psych eval and internet search including social media. Then of course there’s the interview which often is a good cop/badcop set up to test your disposition. Obviously errors can be made and someone slips through the cracks but overall they do a pretty good job.


(Nathan Montgomery) #3

So what kind of search do they do on social media? Can they just see what
the public can access or can they see beyond that and see your account and
private things such as messages and such?


They can only see what is public, no company can compel you to provide passwords to them or access to your accounts.


oPublic only but trust me their good.

I put what I thought was a fairly innocuous comment on FB last year. Within 20 minutes I got a call from my Chief Pilot asking me to remove it.

Big Brother is watching!