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(Kamrin) #136

Finished up standardization today in Jacksonville. I flew about 8 hours over the past two days, including 4 hours each in the archer and the seminole. Today we did our out brief and received our instructor badges. I’m now headed up to richmond to finish my cfi and cfii and begin instructing next week!



Congratulations! Sorry I missed you today, hopefully next time.


(Tory) #138

Doing things a little out of order :wink:, but nonetheless, congrats Kam!


(Kamrin) #139

As of this past Tuesday I completed my cfii and the acpp. Thanks to some bad weather and me getting sick the day before my checkride it took a little longer than I had hoped, however I am happy to be done. After completing I can look back and say I achieved everything I had hoped to when I signed up and then some. I would like to say thanks to my instructors, friends I have made in the program, and to the mentors for helping out along the way!


Major congrats to you Kamrin! This is truly a HUGE accomplishment and probably the most important step in your quest to become an airline pilot. In today’s environment you will be wearing the stripes and cruising the FLs in no time!

Very cool!




That is great news! Congratulations!

Thanks for updating us and please continue to do so as you progress through your career.


(Tory) #142


Congrats on completing the program. I know delays aren’t fun, but there’s only so many things we can control. Be sure to take some time to celebrate your accomplishments. Not everyone can say that they are a CFI/MEI/CFII. Even fewer people can say that they did it as fast as you did.

Thanks again for posting your progress on the forum. Please check in with us when you can.


(Jason Francis) #143

Hey Tucker, just realized you’re a CFI in Tampa. I’m local, and to clarify, when ATP says “Tampa” don’t they mean the PIE location? Or is there a second location across the Bay?

Also, curious where your total time hours stand right now? I see you started in July ‘17. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

(Tucker) #144

ATP Tampa operates out of the St. Pete airport, so PIE. It confuses a lot of people haha.

I started instructing in January and am just over 900 hours, should be done my May or putting me about 23 months from Start to Airline.

(Jason Francis) #145

Thanks for the info Tucker. I hope I’m not being too personal with this question, but since you’re just about 1000 TT, have you considered or joined one of the regional cadet programs that offer tuition reimbursement and other benefits while still a CFI? I understand there are pros and cons of the programs, just looking for your own two cents. I imagine being a “free agent” when you hit that 1500 number has its own benefits, since anything could change between now and then.

(Roger Braun) #146

How is the student to instructor ratio and is it slower flying certain time of the year? Like X-mas or summers for example. I’m considering returning to the Tampa area to live. Thanks you



The student to instructor ratio is consistent across all of the various locations. Also, there is a bit of a slow down in the weeks immediately adjacent to the holidays, but overall the flying is rather consistent throughout the year. Keep in mind that it is a nine month program and people are all in different stages of it, thus evening out the flying.