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Congrats Tucker! Home stretch woohoo!


(Tucker) #116

Passed both my addons today, CFI and CFII. Happy to say I got through all of them with 0 checkride busts. Stans starts the 18th and I’ll be instructing after Christmas/New Years break. My 6 month date is January 5th, so I’ll be finished about 2 weeks early.



That is fantastic news, congratulations! I look forward to you being part of the ATP team. Thank you for all of your contributions to the forum and please continue to update us as you move through your career.



Absolutely fantastic Tucker. To think we knew you when you were just a wannabe :slight_smile:

From now on when you fly an airplane YOU’LL be getting paid which is what it’s all about my friend.

Major kudos!


(Kamrin) #119

I’ll apologize ahead of time since this post isn’t related to ATP. I’m still in Tampa and my MEI checkride is on Monday so I had a couple free days, so I decided to go over to winter haven and get my commercial single engine sea plane rating at Jack Browns Seaplane Base. I think I definitely found my new favorite type of flying, plus I feel it really boosted my basic flying skills! For anyone who has any interest in it, I highly recommend doing it.



No need to apologize, this forum is meant to be about the airlines and flying in general, not just ATP.

That is awesome that you got that license, I have always wanted to get one and must admit to being a little bit jealous :slight_smile:



Very cool Kamrin. I have my tailwheel but always wanted my seaplane. Nice job.


(Kamrin) #122

That’s the one I want to do next!

(Angel) #123

That is definitely a goal of mine to get!!! It looks so much fun!!! Congratulations!

(Tucker) #124

Final program update. Just finished my last Standerdization Flight and got out-briefed today and I’m a full fledged ATP Flight Instructor. Driving back to Tampa soon and then heading back to Minnesota for Christmas, and will be back the first week of January to start as an instructor!

It feels so good to be done and have that ID badge. Thanks to the mentors for all your time and words of wisdom, you guys really do make an impact and help a lot of us out in this program. Have a Happy Holiday Everyone!


MAJOR HUGE CONGRATS Tucker and welcome to the fold!

While I’m sure it’ll be nice to get home, thinking Minny will have you missing Tampa fairly quickly! Brrrrrr!

Happy, Merry and Happy Brother!


(Tucker) #126

I tried to convince my family to come down to Tampa for Christmas. There is somthing about walking outside In shorts and a T-Shirt, looking at the date and seeing it’s late December, then you see Christmas lights and it just feels so wrong!


Trust me you get used to it :slight_smile:




That is excellent news, congratulations!

Thank you for being such an active member of the forum and for always keeping us up to date. Don’t forget about us as you progress through your career.


(Tory) #129

Well done, Tucker. Thank you for sharing your positive experiences with us.
It has been nice having someone as yourself on the forum. You have equipped
yourself to become a great CFI.


(Tucker) #131

They are difficult in that you have to know A LOT of information, but once you get to that part of the program, you have a good baseline of knowledge and really just need to review and go more in depth on some topics and practice teaching the information. The MEI was definilty the most difficult checkride in the program, but even with that you study and you can go in feeling pretty good about it. The CFI and CFII checkrides are not as bad as there is not nearly as much information covered and the orals for those around here tend to last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, and again, it should just be a lot of review and practice teaching the material.

I would be lying if I said I was not stressed/nervous, but you can’t let that stop you. My checkride was the Monday after thanksgiving, so I spent Thanksgiving in Jacksonville with one friend studying and eating pizza and it wasn’t the best way to spend thanksgiving, but we made the best of it. They are not easy checkrides and it is a lot of work, but getting that certificate at the end makes all the time and sacrifice you put into it well worth it.

(Kamrin) #132

Hey guys,
It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated but I have been kinda stagnant in my training. Today I passed my Initial CFI (MEI) on my first try up in Wilmington, DE. It took a lot of studying but as long as you have a good base knowledge from private and commercial, there’s not much new to learn beyond FOI’s and endorsements. I learned a ton in this segment of training and look forward to starting standardization in Jacksonville Monday. After that I will go to Richmond, VA for my two cfi addons, and I will later instruct at that location!

(Tory) #133

Bravo Kamrin! Welcome to the club :grin:


Big Kudos! The Initial CFI can def be a bear!

Sounds like it’s all coming together!




That is excellent news! Congratulations!

Thank you for the update and please keep checking in as you progress through your flight instructing.