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(Tucker) #73

We only have archers and Seminoles in Tampa. We do not have any 172s.

(Tucker) #74

Private Multi checkride passed today! On to commercial multi. Should be done with that in about 2 weeks and in CFI school by November, if not earlier.


Nice Tucker! The Semi-hole is cool no? Keep up the good work!



Congratulations! That is fantastic. Thanks for the update.

(Tucker) #77

I’m lovin’ the Seminole. Now flying a plane that has 700 hours remaing until it can’t fly anymore is a weird yet cool feeling at the same time. I’m looking forward to commercial and getting to do some cross countries in it!

(Tory) #78


Congrats! Are you in a '79 model?

(Tucker) #79

Yes I am! Gotta love them!

(Tory) #80

Wow. I’m surprised those are still around.

(Tucker) #81

They are all getting up there in hours. The one I took to my checkride has 700ish hours left before it’s no longer allowed to fly. It seems the keep a lot of the 79s here in Florida.


I actually preferred the '79 models. I felt that were lighter on the controls and handled better, plus I liked the smaller yoke.

(Tucker) #83

I am a big fan of the smaller yoke. And as others have said, the 79s are just more broken in for you. :slight_smile:

(Tory) #84

I flew in a '79 model once just for standardization. I got spoiled with the
2000 models in California.

(Tory) #85

I agree. They had a nice slushy feel to them. The newer seminoles are stiff.

(Tucker) #86

As much as I love the new archers, I have a soft spot for older planes and the good old six pack.

(Kamrin) #87

Forgot to do a write up after Tucker and I completed our crew cross countries. Due to the hurricanes coming through the southeast our options became slightly limited and we had some fun flights due to the weather, however we finished that phase in one weeks time after we got started. We ended up flying through Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Indiana. The attached map is our flights. I am now on to private multi with my checkride next Wednesday. Then commercial soon to follow!



Thanks for posting that map, it really drives home the point that when ATP says “cross country”, they mean it.

I bet that you will really enjoy flying the Seminole. It is a great airplane to fly and most definitely a big step up from the single engine airplanes.

Thanks for the update and let us know how the checkrides go.


(Kamrin) #89

Finished the private multi phase today and did my first flight for commercial multi. My checkride is scheduled for October 19th so I have a couple days to relax before getting back into commercial flights monday.


Relax? RELAX?!? There is NO RELAX! I’m sure there’s something you could study?!? :slight_smile:

Just kidding. Congrats! Keep it going, you’re almost there.


(Tucker) #91

Commercial Mult Engine checkride passed today! Currently in an uber heading from Lakeland FL - St. Pete Airport since the Seminoles right engine decided it didn’t want to start after flying 2 Commercial Checkrides today. Commercial Single in a few weeks, and CFI school November 7th in Jacksonville!



That is fantastic! Welcome to the world of professional aviation.