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(Tory) #93

Woohoo! Hopefully you and Angel will cross paths at CFI school.



Congrats but why did you break the plane? :slight_smile:


(Tucker) #95

Hey now she’s tired! She had a big day and flew two commercial checkrides! We were just glad that it didn’t happen during the full engine shutdown in the air…

(Kamrin) #96

Just passed my commercial multi engine checkride in Lakeland, FL today. Pretty awesome feeling to say I’m a commercial pilot! I have commercial single on November 3rd and then off to Dallas for cfi school on November 6th.



That is great news! Congratulations! Welcome to the world of professional aviation and thanks for the update.



Very cool Kamrin! Now you can get PAID! Woohoo!


(Kamrin) #100

I’m not exactly sure. I have heard a lot of different places pop up when a bunch of students in one area are at cfi stage at the same time. I think the permanent ones are just Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Vegas. In my case, I was scheduled in Atlanta, but they decided to combine Atlanta and Vegas in Dallas.

Yep, we have to travel to take our checkrides at the TPA location. Luckily, I’ve only had to go to Lakeland for mine. Some students have to travel to Venice or Ocala as well. The Tampa FSDO had a bit of a falling out with their DPE’s so we have to use the Orlando FSDO. It’s really not bad at all though, you just save an hour from your checkride prep allowance to get over there, and then ATP covers your flight back if necessary. I haven’t really seen anyone here running into any issues with having to follow this procedure.

(Tucker) #101

I feel that traveling to your checkride can be a plus as you get a bit of a “warm up” flight before you take the Checkride versus not flying in a few days and then getting into the plane with a DPE. It’s also a chance to go over and last minute things in the plane or practice a landing or two.

(Tucker) #103

Passed my Commercial Single engine add on today, and I finished up my last two Flight Instructor written exams earlier this week. Time to start prepping for CFI school on November 7th!


Woohoo Tucker! The CFI is a biggy but I’m sure you’ll do great! Just review EVERYTHING!




That is great news, congratulations! You will be finished before you know it.


(Kamrin) #106

This is starting to seem like a broken record player with me pretty much copying Tucker’s posts one week later, but I just passed my commercial single today! I just finished packing all my stuff up and about to hit the road for dallas in the morning for cfi school. Can’t wait to get started on this next adventure and buckle down for the next few weeks!

(Tory) #107

Home stretch :slight_smile:

(Tucker) #108

The race to the MEI is on.

(Angel) #109

@kcbaker Good luck man! You’ll probably be with a buddy of mine named Ricardo over at CFI school. Send him my regards if you can! We’re all in the same boat! We’ll get through it successfully!

(Tucker) #110

Quick update. Took my MEI checkride today, got through the oral and into the flight but had to discontinue since the weather too the south wasn’t as nice as the METARs said :frowning: We couldn’t get above the clouds. Time to relax for a few days and finish up on Saturday!


Half way there. The rest will be a breeze :slight_smile:

(Tucker) #112

It’s been a very stressful last 3 weeks, it’s nice to have a breather!

(Tucker) #113

Passed my MEI today after discontinuing on Monday! 2 more rides to go! I have also taken a job with ATP instructing back in Tampa and should be starting there in January!



That is fantastic news! Congratulations and thank you so much for the update. You will be finished up before you know it.