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Starting in November

(Michael) #1

Well, made the plunge and going for it. Start Nov 5, 2018 at Centennial! Currently, I’m finishing up my PPL, so I’m hoping that will be done by early-mid Sep. Then off to studying the Instrument and Commercial knowledge test.

Other than Sheppard Air’s prep test, would you recommend any others? Or just stick with Sheppard Air?

Equipment question:

  • I have a David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headset, and I like it. Will that work on current fleet?
  • What would you recommend for iPad? iPad Pro or Mini? How many GBs?

Thanks for the feedback!



Congrats on taking a MAJOR step towards your career!

Sheppard Air is money. It’s all you need which is why ATP provides and recommends it.

The Dave Clark’s are fine and will work in all ATP aircraft (I still prefer Bose but no need).

There are a TON of threads on iPads (in fact there’s a current one going on). Take a look.




Just stick with the Sheppard Air test prep, it is the best and will get you exactly what you need.


(M) #4

Congrats on the move! Take all the writtens prior to your start date. IRA, FII, IGI (if you want Gold Seal), CAX, FIA, FOI. You will have a leg up on most students and will just need to worry about studying for checkrides instead of tests. I started with credit Private this month with an iPad mini. Your headset should work. Good luck.

(Michael) #5

Thanks Adam, I’ll take a look at the iPad thread.

(Michael) #6

Thanks Chris!

(Michael) #7

Thanks M, not sure if I can do all the written tests, considering I have wife and kids. Can’t completely ignore them. Doing my best to study for instrument and commercial written test considering my context!

(M) #8

Great. Take the FII (Flight Instructor Instrument) exam the next day after you take the IRA. It uses the same questions. ATP makes their students take IRA and FII on the same day. Good luck!

(Michael) #9

Thanks for the tip!

(Michael) #10

Passed my PPL checkride on Sep 20, now just flying to build 80TT. Passed my IRA written, now studying for my CAX!

(Michael) #11

Did you study the FII through Sheppard Air? Or did you just take the FII exam, only having studied the IRA Sheppard Air test prep?



If you have access to the FII prep then use it but if not it’s the same test bank as the IRA except for a few random questions. Take the FII while the IRA material is still fresh BEFORE the CAX.


(Michael) #13

I don’t have access to the FII test prep, does ATP give me free access through Sheppard Air? Apparently, Sheppard Air will only give out one test prep at a time.

(Tucker) #14

I wouldn’t worry about the FII test prep. The tests itself is almost identical to the IRA written exam. If you do want the question bank, you would have to purchase it from Sheppard’s and you would not be able to access both at the same time.

I took the IRA, FII, and IGI all from only studying the IRA bank and got 1 question wrong. They are all nearly identical.

(Rob S) #15

Second what Tucker said, they basically the same bank. I did FII immediately after and got 10 questions I just had on the IRA word for word. I did get one question I hadn’t seen in the IRA test prep but so long as you learn a little about the concept and not solely the answers as you go it will be fine

(Michael) #16

I have access to the FII, FOI and FIA test prep through Sheppard for no extra charge. They come with the ACPP. I passed the CAX not to long ago, now I’m scheduled to take the FII tomorrow at 10AM MST. Trying to crank all these written exams.

(Michael) #17

Well, got all 5 (IRA, CAX, FII, FOI, FIA) written exams done before my Nov 5 start date! Gonna enjoy the weekend.



Excellent work, you will be really glad you did this as it is going to make your life in the program a lot easier.


(Michael) #19

I can officially fly through the clouds. Passed my instrument Checkride on Jan 15. Now on to crew XC and study for Commercial Single Engine.



That is fantastic! Congratulations and thank you for the update.