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Loan Approval/data

(Reeves Kanakaole) #1

First time posting on this forum but I believe this is some highly coveted info…

Older 20s. Changing careers. 10+ years of work/credit history. Mid 700 score. Cosigner high 600s also with 10+ years work. I need $60ish K as i have a PPL.

Applied to sallie mae. They required a cosigner. Added cosigner and was approved almost instantly. 11.4% fixed interest rate on the Interest repayment plan. Low $600 payment for 6ish months bumping up to $750 after the time “in school.”

Tried applying to WF. They required a cosigner (added the same one) then further required a joint cosigner so I stopped that application process.

Cosigner is working and also contributing to the loan. This was doable for us. Dropping my deposit and securing my start date tomorrow.

Happy hunting.



Thank you for adding your experience. Good luck in the program. Now get crackin’ on those written exams!