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I am 33 years old and want to start pilot I too old to enroll in the course and become future pilot for bigger airlines?

(Shihahussain Banglawala) #1

Am I too old to start pilot course at age of 33?

(Daniel ) #2

You should read the FAQ in the Question and Answer sections. But short answer is no. You happen to be the average age of most guys going into the industry. As long as you as you meet the qualifications and are under the age of 65, you are qualified and able to go to the airlines. 33 will give you a nice career at the airlines if you start your training soon.

(Samuel Loveridge) #3

Yes, what Daniel said. The question comes up often. Here’s a link to the first thread that I ever read on this forum - I found it because I had the same question, and decided to search Google for something like “Is 40 too old to become an airline pilot?” What I found was very informative, and I recommend you start at the top, then read your way down. You’ll get a LOT of answers that should help you. The mentors cover it quite well.

Also, search search search! Got a question, use the magnifying glass at the top to search the forum. It’s likely that someone else has asked it before, and your answer may be sitting there, waiting to be found. But, if not, ask away, and you’ll find someone ready to answer the best they can.