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Full Headset versus Single-Sided

(Andrew Inman) #1

Being new to the glory of flight i.e. just starting lessons, I am wondering what type of headset is most preffered , a single sided or full headset. The David Clark H10-13S Stereo headset is in my price range and the Telex Airman 750-SS was recommended also.
Personally I like the David Clark product but want to know what most single engine pilots ( Piper Warrior ) prefer.
Thank you!


I am a fan of the David Clarks, but standby because there will surely be a spirited defense of Bose to follow.

(Andrew Inman) #3

Thank you!

(Tory) #4


Small GA prop planes are too loud for a single sided headset.


(Andrew Inman) #5

Thank you. This is more great guidance.



As Tory said single sided will not work in GA aircraft and are even questionable in certain Regional jets. Once you advance to a Major and start flying Boeings and Airbuses, that’s the only time I’d consider going for a single side.

As long as we’re on the subject (as forecasted by Chris) you REALLY should be looking at the Bose. Yes they’re expensive but they’re light, comfortable, crystal clear and have fantastic customer service. Being able to hear clearly and well is essential to new pilots learning to communicate with ATC (a very important but often overlooked skill). Second you have some LONG days in the cockpit ahead of you. Training, instructing and then off to a Regional. Hours upon hours in the cockpit. Trust having a heavy VICE with mediocre sound quality can seriously wear on you. Again the Bose are expensive but if you divide the price into the 2-3yrs training then building time and then another 5+ at a Regional and the price is negligible. Plus they look cool :wink:


(Andrew Inman) #7

Thank you, I appreciate your advice and the. previous commentors advice also. I spent my career teaching and in the Army. Now it is time for this; flying.

(Tory) #9


Lightspeed Zulus are not TSO approved. So, you will not be able to legally use them at an airline.


(Sergey Kireyev) #10

Thanks Tory! That was a big factor for me… Reason I withdrew the post is that about 20 minutes after it, I came across a good deal on brand new Bose A20s on eBay and they are coming home.