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Finally Enrolled!

Thank you!

I’ll be there on the 5th as well, driving down from NYC tomorrow night.

Good morning all,

I passed my CFI initial yesterday! CFI academy took just about 3 weeks for me. I took my oral last Saturday in LZU which lasted about 6 hours :anguished:, then discontinued the flight portion due to weather. I then had to wait about a week to take the flight portion with the same DPE in Tennessee. Its been a journey, lots of hard work and countless hours of studying but SO worth it. Heading back to NYC now as a brand new CFI.





Congratulations!! That is a huge accomplishment. What are your plans for after you complete the program?


Thank you!

I will most likely fly for a local flight school on Long Island that is closer to where I live. ATP’s location is just too far, and I doubt there will be a instructor position open when I complete the program.

Absolutely. I would.

Congrats! Ill be at ISP on Sat taking my CFII with Adam. I bet your happy to be home again!

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Haha yeah man, feels great to be home. Congrats to you as well!

I’ll be there on Saturday for my last CFII prep flight, I’ll see you then. I have my ride on Tuesday with Adam.