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Daily life

(Josiah) #1

Hey guys,

I’m interested in starting ATP this winter after I get my bachelors. I was wondering if anyone could speak to what the day to day is like. I know the schedule, but was curious about what kind of homework is done, and if there is any down time on the weekends to get a part time job.



The day to day can vary greatly. Some days will be mostly flying, other days will be mostly simulator work and others will be ground school. Of course many days will be a mix of all three. There isn’t homework in the traditional sense, but there will be quite a bit of self study to be done. This is a highly condensed program, essentially all of your free time will be take up by studying. You will not be able to work any sort of job while in the program.




This is America and you can do as you like. That said ATP compresses years worth of training into only 9mos. Bust a few checkrides and you not only lose the guaranteed instructor job but it will mpact your entire career. There are many people who give 100% to the program and still struggle. There are no laws against you working part-time but many have tried and failed miserably. Your call.


(Tory) #4


Each day will be a little different. It could be any combination of ground, sim, flying and independent study. The ACPP is a full time commitment. Weekends off are not guaranteed. I don’t advise anyone to work on the weekend. Those that have tried were not successful.