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Crew rooms/X sim odd ?s

While On Reserve is it possible to just sleep in the crew room instead of getting crash pads? Is this something some do? And another thing is, until I could actually start my training is there a sim game you’d recommend just to get a feel of what some things are like? I’ve been addicted to watching The Flight Chanel on YouTube lately and apparently the guy makes all his videos with a sim game. Not sure if it would even be beneficial, but I’d be curious to hear thoughts. Thanks again for any insight y’all could provide to more crazy questions I have.


When you’re on reserve you need to get quality rest which you can’t in a crewroom (nor can you shower, shave, dine etc.). Short answer is no. In fact after the Colgan crash (which created the 1500hr rule as well as many other safety concerns) it was discovered that one of the pilots had spent the night sleeping in the crewroom. After that they started cracking down on the practice.

As for “games” that’s what they are.


To my knowledge, several commuter airlines actually prohibit you from sleeping or staying in the crew rooms because they don’t want guys living there. I also know that a few commuter airlines only provide a “rest” room for airport reserves. At the mainline level we actually do have a pilot sleep room, showers, and a tv room in almost all of our crew rooms, but you will only find guys sleeping there for a few hours before or after a commute. Most guys on reserve have a crash pad. As a line holder I personally just buy hotels on the few nights a month I need a room if I have to come in the day prior to my trip or stay the night after. Most hub cities will have several hotels near the airport that offers a crew rate. Ultimately, trying to sleep in the crew room on a regular basis would be doing yourself, and the traveling public, a huge disservice.

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Well said Travis.