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Balancing bills during the 9 months

(Matthew shrauger) #1

I am seriously considering going through ATP however I wanted to know how did you balance your everyday bills during the 9 months not being able to work. I’m very fortunate to only have a vehicle payment and phone bill and student loans from college. It seems like it would put a strain on paying bills without and income for 9 months. So how were you able to make it through?

(Robert Norris) #2

I had sold off nearly anything of value in my possession. I payed down all small debts that I could, and I saved enough money to pay for at least several months of rent. I also have an extremely supportive girlfriend that believed in me, and my dream, who thankfully was willing to pick up my slack. The loan is deferred for a year, so that was helpful. Bottom line is that it will take sacrifice, and lots of it. I tried to look at it like this, it’s only 6 months, and if I can make it through, then it will pay off in the long run. I think that if you want it bad enough, nothing can stop you, you will find a way. Good luck!



I took out additional funds as part of the loan to cover living expenses. This is actually a very common practice.


(Matthew shrauger) #4

So you just added the expenses together and just took out that much for the total loan?



I took out additional money as part of my loan, too. I would suggest that you call the admissions counselors and talk to them about this as there are specific formulas that they use.


(Matthew shrauger) #6

That makes sense! Thank you for the advice. It’s a lot of money but I know it’ll payoff in the end for sure and it’s a great career!

(Rachelle Thomas) #7

You can also get your student loans deferred while you’re at ATP since you technically won’t have an income. You can contact whoever your loans are through and discuss potential options with them. They may be able to decrease your payments at least. I will be looking into this once I get signed up!