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Written exam testing

(Aaron Levy) #1

Hey, I have been using Sheppard air and getting around 90s on practice test for IRA and want to take the test tomorrow at an ATP I also have the endorsement from Kings schools. But I haven’t made a deposit and do not have a class date at ATP yet, I know I’ll have to pay since I didn’t make deposit yet but can I take the test at ATP still? (It’s like 10 mins from my house DAB) and do I just call DAB ATP directly to schedule and can it be done on the weekend Sunday or Monday-friday only? Thanks



You will not be able to take the test at ATP until you have enrolled as a student. You will need to find another school to take the exam at.


(Tory) #3


Actually, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to take the test at ATP. I administered written tests for non ATP students all the time. Call admissions on Monday to get your test scheduled.