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Would you guys recommend doing this?

(Robert Spencer) #1

I live in Phoenix and I am heavily contemplating doing ASU’s flight program. I live fairly close to the airport where training is done so I can live at home to minimize costs. Also, my GPA and SAT scores got me a scholarship which covers about 95% of the tuition. Therefore, I am able to attend ASU and I will essentially only be paying for flight costs as my degree is almost free. I know you guys don’t recommend aviation degrees. However, this would be very cost effective and the training is still done by ATP. What do you guys think?




As you say I often don’t recommend aviation degrees as I don’t like putting all your eggs in one basket. That said ASU has a great program, the flight training is done by ATP and if your scholarship will pay 95% it’s hard to find fault with that plan. I’m not sure what Majors ASU offers in conjunction with their flight training programs but I’d simply recommend you perhaps look into an aviation related business or computer science (if available) just to round things out a bit.




I would be all over this opportunity if I were you. It sounds like a really great path you have ahead of you. I would see if there is any way to diversify the degree, but if you can’t, I wouldn’t let that stop me.


(Tory) #4


I endorse your plan.