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Will I Need a Flight Review?

(Brent) #1

I’m planning on enrolling at ATP soon and currently in the process of getting everything in order. Would like to start January 2019.

I have my PPL with around 95 hours, however, I haven’t flown any in the past 2 years, since last getting my flight review… My flight review expires at the end of this month, October 2018.

My question is… Do I need to to have a current flight review when I enter the 6 month program, or will I be consider a “student” pilot again (61.56(g)) and not need to worry about the flight review at this point?




I’d brush up on the book stuff. As someone starting with their PPL you’re expected to have the same level of knowledge as someone who started with zero time and earned their PPL with ATP. That said no BFR is required.




Contact the admissions department for specifics on this one, but generally speaking, you are expected to enter the program being “current”. To me that means getting a BFR, especially since you have not flown in the last two years.


(Tory) #4


Technically you do not need a flight review prior to starting the program, but I strongly encourage you to get one because you are expected to walk in as a current and proficient private pilot. You may end up needing some instruction in addition to the BFR and that’s okay. Do whatever you need to gain your proficiency back. You will accelerate very quickly through the program and there isn’t time to teach you private pilot level skills/knowledge.


(Brent) #5

Thanks everyone for your advice. I’m going to be brushing up and studying like crazy, so I’ll likely just get the flight review done. I like the idea of going in current and proficient. I have an intro flight with ATP this weekend (part of my due diligence) and just got approved for the loan today, so things are starting to move.

(Tucker) #6

I had taken my private checkride a year prior to starting ATP and brushed up on some knowledge before I started but was still definitely behind where I was expected to be. Try to get to the level you were at before your private checkride if not beyond that. It will help your tremendously.