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Why does the private pilot's license take 3 months?

(Robert Griffin) #1

If you fly 5 days a week, why does it take so long at ATP?

(Sergey Kireyev) #2

You have school 5 days a week. You may not get to FLY 5 days a week. There could be plane availability issues due to maintenance, but 90 percent of the time it’s weather that delays you—it has to be VFR and severe clear to fly certain phases of your training such as solo and solo cross country flights. I had a cumulative of about 2.5-3 weeks worth of delays, and got mine knocked out in 2 months and one week. That required being available to fly and at the training center daily in case someone else canceled and I could pick up their flight slot.


In addition to what Sergey said, learning to fly is not just about flying airplanes, there is a tremendous amount of book knowledge that comes with it and that takes some serious time to learn. You will spend far more time studying than you ever will flying an airplane.



You also need to get the flight time up to match those coming in with their PPLs AND the required 78hr min.


(Tory) #5


I think it mostly has to do with ATP’s syllabus. Their PPL course is thorough. @forourspam, how many hours is in the PPL phase right now?


(Sergey Kireyev) #6

My outline listed 80 hours for PPL from start to finish.

(Tory) #7

Thanks, Sergey.


80 hours is twice as much as what’s required which is why it takes 3 months. That’s about an hour of flying per day or 2 hours of flying every other day.