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What's Up for 737 Pilots During the Groundings?

Mentor team…anyone know what is happening with the 737 Max 8 pilots during the grounding? Not furloughed or something like that? If other type ratings they might possess are not for aircraft available in their current company, what happens to them? Ignorance speaking here, obviously. Maybe these folks just draw their 75 hour minimum while getting trained on another airframe?


I believe if you fly the Max you can fly the regular 737s as well. The other mentors know a lot more about it though.


All of the airlines that fly the MAX also fly regular 737s and the same pilots fly both groups of airplanes. There has not been a noticeable difference to the pilots.


As the others have said, all these pilots are qualified for other aircraft and or 737 variants. The airlines didn’t hire and train 737 Max only pilots.


Yep…ignorance on my part. That makes sense given the fact that the 737 Max 8 is just a variant based upon the previous 737 airframe. I heard the flight schedule changes related to the grounding, the operational/financial losses and thought the pilots might be feeling some pain. Kind of a dumb question, thanks for the answers.

There are no dumb questions, just my stupid answers :slight_smile:

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