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Whats a good kneeboard?

(Charles Achziger) #1

Just as the title says.
I have looked around, but I want your opinion on what is a good kneeboard for ATP.

(Simon) #2

I am sure there are plenty of opinions on this - I have been impressed by the options available on this bespoke option that is similar to systems used in the turret of armored vehicles to support navigation and command and control. It is very much on the expensive side however, but the military does enjoy collecting shiny kit.

(Tory) #3


(Michael Taft) #4

I second Tory’s pick. I have one for my iPad mini.

(Sergey Kireyev) #5

I’ll be a party pooper. I have a kneeboard and although it’s solid I hate using it in the plane. I have to hold it up when briefing approaches because it’s easier to maintain flight attitude that way especially in gusty conditions. Just a pain. I’m now shopping for an inexpensive yoke mount like some of my classmates use.

(Julio Van Lange) #6

$150 for a Kneeboard is kinda steep though. Sergey, please share the yoke mount you plan to use when you find it.


(Sergey Kireyev) #7

I’ll ask my classmates what they recommend. They usually go for around $125-150 too.