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Using Student Hours for Break-in Flight

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Hello Everyone,

I’m currently a third of the way through my Commercial Multiengine phase of training (~10 hours of flight training remaining) and I want to get some feedback from current students, alumni, and mentors:

How many of you have had to use your hours to conduct an engine break-in flight for an aircraft with a new/rebuilt engine? My hours were recently charged to conduct an engine break-in flight per the ATP break-in procedures for a Seminole and now I’m thinking that those hours should not come from the student, considering the flight is more maintenance related-not to mention limited by the procedure: specific MP and RPM settings, VFR, no additional takeoff and landings, no maneuver training, etc. I appreciate the feedback.



While I never did such a flight but anytime you have the opportunity to do something “different” is beneficial. I think it sounds like a great experience. Having to fly within very strict parameters is a great exercise in airmanship. Further you don’t say how many hours where used but I can’t imagine it was much and should you require any additional training I’m sure this would be used for consideration.


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Thanks for the reply. The flight used 2.9 hours. My concern is if I still need to improve my skills prior to checkride, I won’t have enough hours to get the training I need - 2.9 hours is a lot of landings and maneuvers training. Hopefully it doesn’t get to that point, but I will definitely talk to training support should the need arise.




At what point in your multi engine training did this flight occur? How many hours of training do you have left?


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I flew the break-in flight after 2.6 hours of training. I’ve completed all of the longer XC flights (2 HR Day/Night, 300 NM XC), and the 2 HR Night TOLs. I have about 10 hours of flight time remaining, 2.7 hours of which must be simulated instrument.




In this phase of the program you will get 33 hours of multi time. We used to do commercial multi add ons with eight hours of training, and most people did really well. Three hours of aircraft familiarization at the very beginning of your multi training should have no effect on your training and you should have more than enough time to work on the maneuvers.