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UFO's and other mysterious events!

(Chris Hawthorne) #1

Okay, so lay it out… What have you seen and what can you say!!! :sweat_smile:


I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you! :smiling_imp:

Honestly nothing but spectacular sunrises, sunsets, cloud formations and the occasional shooting star. I did however fly with one borderline psychotic CA who insisted that a star on the horizon was a UFO?


(Chris Hawthorne) #3

Just promise me that the first sighting you have I get the first email about it!!! JK



No UFO sightings, but I have seen many, many shooting stars and on flights that go far up north I have occasionally seen the Northern Lights, which are absolutely amazing. Not to mention that the stars are very visible if you turn the cockpit lights down.


(Eric) #5

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(Chris Hawthorne) #6

I’ve always wanted to see the Northern lights. Some day…

(Chris Hawthorne) #7

We get some wicked lighting storms here is AZ and I bet they’re even better in the air!