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Training aircraft for CPL

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Hey folks,

I am currently doing my ppl, just thinking about doing my CPL with DA40. Or would it be better off for me to stick with Cessna during CPL? I really want to go to the northern part of Canada doing bush pilot stuff after I finish all my training. What are the disadvantages of going with this? Does anybody have any ideas? Fly safe!




I think an airplane is an airplane and you should fly and train in what you like. That said if you want to be a “bush pilot” you might want to start getting some tailwheel time and training in that.


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Thanks a lot Adam! l really appreciate your opinion on “bush pilot”! Another question, how many hours do l need so that will put me in a solid position for the bush flying, just interms of job hiring.



Honestly I have no clue but I’m sure if you do some Googling of the kind of jobs you’d like you can see the qualifications they look for. Further even if they don’t require a tailwheel endorsement having one and more important being proficient will not only make you more competitive, it’ll keep you safe.


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I agree with you totally, 100%. I will definitely go google it. I really appreciate your response. And l will keep it in my mind as always. Thank you very! Fly safe, sir!