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Took my first intro today

(Daniel ) #1

So, today I took my first intro at a local flight school here in (essex county airport) NJ, and it was amazing. Not even sure if the word amazing tells the magnitude of how great it was. I loved flying the plane every second. My instructor was 19 and very professional and chill. (We got along within about 2 seconds of meeting each other :stuck_out_tongue:). So, in the beginning he went over of flight plan which was just a VFR route over the boarder of upstate NY and back. The airport I was in was in a TFR zone because of Trump having his plane in EWR; so we had to follow strict rules and talk to EWR App until we got out of the TFR. I was able to do the take off and do some turns while in the TFR (nothing more than 10 degrees to the right and left). As soon as we got out of the TFR and over the NY boarder, we began to have fun. So we did a lot of turning and 360s and 180s and turn on a point. My instructor showed me steep turns which were fun, and we did stalls and spins which were by far the most fun. Flying the plane was just a dream itself. Hand flying was absolutely the coolest thing ever. We experienced some turbulence but nothing too crazy. Watching the planes on a pattern into TEB shooting across at 3 thousand feet was very cool. And seeing some heavies out of EWR and JFK flying over head was also very cool. After all the fun and 1 hour later (which felt like 10 min because it was so much fun) we were on approach and my instructor made a very smooth landing. I got to taxi back to the ramp which was very cool as well. After all was said and done my instructor took such a liking to me that I got his phone number to stay in contact. After first finally getting the chance at 17 years old to fly. I now know that I am fully committed to becoming an airline pilot. It’s definitely all I want to do for the rest of my life.



Sounds like you had an amazing experience (I am surprised you did spins on an intro flight?). I’m happy for you. Big first step.




I am glad that you enjoyed the flight so much. Thanks for letting us know!


(Daniel ) #4

Yeah well he just brought up the question if I wanted to try it and I figured why not have some extra fun. Such an andrenaline rush :smiley:

(Daniel ) #5

Oh Chris we flew over Greenwood Lake airport and had a sick view of the constellation they got there. What a plane, it’s looks majestic :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, that is really neat. If you are ever driving by, be sure to stop in and see it in person. I can’t say for certain, but I have heard that it is really easy to step over the gate and sit in the captain’s seat.

(Daniel ) #7

So I’ve heard from your story of that time you went there :wink: