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Today’s the day boys

(Peter Banning) #42

Brent, it looks like Dallas may have replaced the Las Vegas location as one of the spots for CFI training? Not 100% sure on that one.

(Peter Banning) #43

Comm-single passed! I finished this portion of the program about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. On to CFI School in Dallas on the 22nd, which puts me exactly on time according to the syllabus.

Nothing but great things to say about ATP so far - from the instruction to the equipment. It has been tremendous.

(Tory) #44

Almost there! Glad you’re enjoying it.


(Peter Banning) #45

Thanks Tory! Finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, for sure.

(Tory) #46

I remember that feeling. For me it wasn’t until after CFI school. This was me preparing for my MEI:



Great news! Congratulations and thanks for the update.

(Dorian) #48

O/T: Is that really you? ATP’s website said that facial hair is forbidden.

(Peter Banning) #49

I don’t see any facial hair??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Dorian) #50

I wasn’t joking (but I hope you are).

(Sergey Kireyev) #51

Where do you see facial hair? It’s just a shadow from…from the beverages. :joy::joy::joy:
Having had two roommates that were prepping for their initial CFI ratings I can attest: the wild look in the eyes and a slightly haggard appearance is real :grin:
Ops checks good

(Peter Banning) #52

I wasn’t joking (but I hope you are).

I must be misunderstanding your question. No facial hair in that picture. Sergey has confirmed. :man_shrugging:t2:

(Tory) #53

This was not my intention…again, Peter, congrats! Hopefully you look more confident than I do.

Apparently Dorian has self appointed himself as the beard police. Notice I’m also not in uniform. That’s because there was a gap in my training. One month delay until my check ride. I grew that beard on my own time…and yes…it took the entire month :nerd_face:



Or maybe he thought ATP’s Facial Hair policy was a lifelong commitment? :wink:


(Dorian) #55

Oh, I see. I thought you were still a student at ATP in that pic. Their website says that males are required to be “clean-shaven” and further goes on to say you’ll be sent home if you don’t comply.

(W) #56

The site might say clean shaven, but I would like to point out that the student/instructor handbook says a mustache is permitted.

(Tory) #57

Haha probably should be in my case :joy:



I am not understanding the fascination with facial hair. Yes, Tory had facial hair in that picture, he explained that while he was a student at ATP in that picture, he had a month off of training and allowed the hair to grow during that time. I am sure that by the time his training resumed, he was again clean shaven. I really don’t know why we keep coming back to this.

For all of you with facial hair: you will need to shave for ATP. Period. You might as well get used to it because you will be clean shaven until the day after you retire from the airlines. The airlines want clean cut looking pilots and the FAA requires this so that oxygen masks seal against the face. There are no exceptions to this.




I believe this may be part of the problem, and then of course there’s me :slight_smile:


I get that, but ATP’s rules and the airlines (except Hawaiian) are clean shaven, with the exception of a closely trimmed mustache. People need to get used to it.


Well alrighty then…