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Today’s the day boys

(Preston Bryant) #22

Good on you have fun

(Warren) #23

Thanks for sharing Peter. I’d say we’re pretty similar life stage wise, so I’m very keen to hear about your ongoing progress. Congrats on your first flight as an instrument pilot, keep up the good work!

(Colton Parker) #24


First, with living a couple of hours away from your flight school, does that seem to make it more difficult to study when you are home?

Second, I just scheduled my official start date in November. Does that seem like enough time to complete the instrument written and everything else I’ll need?


(Peter Banning) #25


It’s about an hour drive each way, but I’d say it has definitely worked better for me when I study at ATP. There are just a ton of distractions at home, although I have enjoyed the flexibility of being able to get my studying done wherever I want.

I’d say starting in November definitely gives you enough time to get your writtens done before you start, if you’re committed to studying. I think you’ll be fine.

Good luck!

(Peter Banning) #26

Thank you, Warren! I will for sure continue to post updates. I found that reading experiences from actual students who had recently gone through or were in the process of going through the program helped me immensely as I prepared for getting started. I’ll be paying it forward.

(Peter Banning) #27

Finished up the Crew Cross Country phase today. They airlined me out to San Diego and had my partner and I fly back and forth between Southern California and Arizona. Plot twist: Yuma, Arizona is pretty hot this time of year (high of 111 today), and Flight Ops played the world’s smallest violin for me a couple different times when asking to re-route. 3 trips to Yuma. :grimacing:

On to the commercial phase in the Seminole. :grinning:


The violins get even smaller when you get to the airlines, I just got back from PHX myself.


You want violins?!? Join an orchestra! You’re a pilot, suck it up! :wink:

Nice job Peter

(Michael) #30

Peter, I’m currently finishing up my private pilot license at Peterson’s Aero Club in the Springs. I’m hoping to get the handshake end of Aug. Then need 80TT before I can head to ATP in Centennial. You mentioned you did all your written exams. Which ones did you take? I know that ATP strongly suggests to get all the written’s taken care of. Did you buy all the prep tests, and study on your own?

Where did you fly out of in the Springs?

(Peter Banning) #31

I was only able to take the Instrument, FII, and CAX before I started, but I’ve only met one or two others who had any tests completed before they arrived. Watching everyone else struggle with the writtens while simultaneously preparing for a checkride made me really, really glad I had those completed.

I purchased the King Schools program to help with the Instrument exam, as the concepts were so foreign to me that it was hard for me to even memorize correct answers. I’ve found the Sheppard Air programs that ATP provides have been more than sufficient for the other exams, and would recommend not spending any additional money on other material.

I flew out of Peak Aviation in the Springs. They are top notch.

(Michael Taft) #32

Glad to hear you’re doing well Peter. I’m in a situation not to far from yours and I’ll be heading to ATP next summer. I have my wife, and luckily no children yet. She’ll be staying home while I head out to ATP. I’ll be 2 hours 45 minutes from home, so I’ll see her when available on the weekends.

I have my private w/ instrument ASEL. So My first few weeks will be a big refresher on IFR. The only writtens I have left then would be CAX, FOI, FIA, FII. So lots of studying to do there. I have only a few credit hours left for my BS in Aeronautics (Commercial Pilot Courses), so that will bring me up to speed for the majors in the long run.

I love your enthusiasm and it’s motivating for me to hear about these kinds of experiences. That’s really what I love about aviation is you get to experience, do, and see more than most human beings will ever see in a lifetime. Plus the office view really can’t be argued with. :sunglasses:

Best of luck to you and I look forward to hearing your experiences.

(Peter Banning) #33

Thanks Michael! I really appreciate that. It sounds like you’ll be coming in well ahead of the game. One of the biggest deciding and motivating factors for me was being able to read first hand experiences from other students. I’m glad other people are able to benefit from mine.

(Peter Banning) #34

Passed my Commercial Multi-Engine checkride today!

I have never worked so hard in my life, but it is paying off. Next up is the single engine add-on, which they may be shipping me out to CFI school early to complete there.



Congratulations! Welcome to the world of professional aviation.

Thanks for the update, keep them coming.

(Peter Banning) #36

Thank you, Chris. I really appreciate you guys and how much time you pour into this place. I attribute a huge portion of my progress in aviation to finding this forum and all of the wisdom you folks provide. What a tremendous resource.


Thank you for your kind words, it is nice to know that what we do here is valued.

(Tom Tolento) #38


I just found this thread since you and Chris have been posting in it and I just want to say Thank You!

I’m hopefully starting soon once I get through my Private (its been 16 yrs in the making with restarting this year) and my nerves have been getting the best of me lately looking at ATP but you have given me hope as we are in the almost identical ship as I am 31 with a 5 month old and 7 yr old and we will be working off just savings and my wife’s job.

Seeing that it is not only obtainable but early achievement is possible it gives me so much more re-assurance that with hard work and dedication its in the grasps. It’s also great to get a sneak peak into the training regiment is nice to see.

So once again Thank You!


(Peter Banning) #39

Hey Tom,

I’m so glad you’ve been able to be encouraged by this thread. I think it comes down to work ethic for most people. Everyone that I see struggling or busting checkrides are the same ones who are missing ground sessions, come in talking about partying, or openly talk about their poor study habits. If you’re focused and committed to the program, I think you’ll be just fine. It’s amazing how much motivation those little ones can be.

Feel free to ask any questions as they come up. I’m happy to help in any way I can. Reading through other student experiences was one of the things that motivated me to get the ball rolling.


(Peter Banning) #40

Comm. Single add-on scheduled for next Wednesday, October 3rd. CFI Academy scheduled for October 22 in Dallas!

(Brent) #41

Peter, and anyone else who can chime in, I see you mentioned that Dallas is where you’ll do the CFI academy. Is this recent that Dallas has been added to the list of locations?