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Time away from sole facility

(Jon) #1

I have been planning to start ATP’s zero time fast track program for the last 2 years. I finally have financing in order, will have my First Class medical renewed in a couple weeks, And was planning to start Jan in Denver, as long as a position was open. However, I just found out my fiancé is about 4 weeks pregnant which means the baby will be born when I’m about 6 months into the program and about to head to CFI school.
So, to the questions:

  1. Where are the current CFI training locations
  2. Am I correct to assume that if I did all of my training at one of those locations, I wouldn’t have to leave for 6-8 weeks?
  3. What lengths of time and when would I have to be at different training facilities other than my sole facility?

Thanks in advance,



I believe the current CFI bases are JAX, ATL, LAS, and DAL. That said, just because that’s your home base it doesn’t guarantee you’ll do your CFI training there. If it’s time for it and that location is full you could easily find yourself shipped off elsewhere. You’ll also be away during the crew phase. As a rule ATP tells students they should figure 2mos of the 9 away from their base. Also even if you’re fortunate enough to get to stay and do your CFI local, I would caution against too large a break or the distraction of a newborn. The CFI portion is without question the most challenging phase of the program.


(Jon) #3

Thank you for the reply. Obviously it depends on each individual, but What in your opinion would be too long of a break?



As you said it can vary by individual but as little as possible. Anything more than a couple of weeks would concern me. You also should talk to ATP admin as there is a maximum amount of a “break” that’s allowed.



I have to say, I probably would not start flight training with a baby on the way. I just feel that this will be too big of a distraction for you, but that decision is up to you.