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First of all… The guys writing these tests are heartless, soulless people whose main goal is to make people fail (examiners too…), I get the purpose of it, but got dang they don’t mess around… Got it, I’ll try not to let them confuse me too bad…

So this is the first question I’ve run into in the king course, going through the answer question section, where I swear all the information isn’t displayed. Question number 4021, which is a "figure out the ground speed needed to get to point x on time. I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. They give no actual locations, no map, just a, you cross point x on your way to point y in x amount of time. Anyway, I couldn’t figure it out, so I clocked on the help button and right away they start using a true course, like it was given to you, and from what I see, there was no way to figure it. They tell you the forecasted wind, and a you cross point x at a given time, but no second point, nothing. What am I missing?

I think I found out my folly. Under the given info it says to use the scroll bar to the side. The scroll bar does not show up on my iPad. Until this point, it’s never been a factor. I figured it was an operator error, just wasn’t sure.

Thank goodness for Sheppard Air. Memorize the questions and answers, schedule the test, show up to the test, recognize the answers without even finishing the question, score above a 90, and then learn the stuff during flight training :grin:.

Really, the only thing I needed to be “taught” was navigation, and a little weather(and regs). I’ve got a rather comprehensive hold of math,physics, science, aerodynamics, and mechanics. After breezing through the king class, paying a decent amount of attention, and working through the 800 some odd question bank, I’m 30 questions short at the moment with an 85 ish percent.

Anyway, I’d much rather understand the material anyway vs memorizing a test. This method is working for me, at least for the private.

I do find it interesting how much they round their numbers before doing calculations on the test, so using the true numbers I’m off from the answer just by a little bit. I can see them rounding the numbers when I click on the help icon. My calculus professor would be sorely disappointed.

Anyway, I can confirm the faa’s observation that most issues are operator error. IT people will tell you the same thing too.

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Great that you know your preferences, do what works for you man!