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Tampa Weather Effect on Training Schedule

(Oliver) #1

Hello Forum,

Greetings to you and especially to all of you who fly at the Tampa location.

I was wondering how the weather patterns in the Tampa area, on average, affect the program.
Those of you who have been flying at the Tampa location and have been in their Instrument phase already, did you experience frequent changes of schedule?

If so, did the cumulative effect of the changes throughout the program affect the overall length of your training?

Thank you so much for your insight.



Weather affects every location and every location has its good months and its not so good months. But it is impossible to predict the weather and the program is nine months long, so things tend to average out.

I would not give this much thought, just pick the location that is convenient for you.


(Oliver) #3

Hi Chris,

Well I would say, it is a reasonable concern and aspect to factor in if one has a choice. My program is theoretically 6 months as I come in with Private already.

I was wondering what the experience was for those who flew or fly in Tampa. The area experiences very frequent string storms / rainstorms and it would presumably affect the program noticeably? I am flexible and free to move anywhere. I am grateful for any info others may share.

Thank you all again.