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(Junior) #1

Can i be a pilot if my height is 6´8



While there’s no law or regulation against it, it’s more a matter of comfort and ability to manipulate the controls. ATP has a 6’3" limitation because you need to be able to fly a variety of planes but not all flight schools do. I’ve heard C172s and 182s are the best for taller pilots? I recommend you visit your local flight school and see what they have, see how you “fit” and take it from there.


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Thank you so much



The military also has restrictions on height, but the airlines do not. I know plenty of tall pilots.


(Jordan Lascomb) #5

I have a friend who is 6’9" and is currently a regional pilot. As others have mentioned, it may not be comfortable but there is nothing saying you can’t do it!

(Kyle Johnson) #6

I’m 6’5" and was concerned about fitting into the aircraft as well. I visited the closest ATP school and they allowed me to sit inside the Piper Archer and it was snug but I fit so no worries. I’ve flown in a 172 and they definitely have more room than the Archer for the taller gentleman. As I understand it from talking to the ATP instructors, weight is much more of a factor.