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(Jordan Coleman) #1

I’ve been reading that once you put your deposit down, you will receive all the study material. I was wondering how long does it take to start the course after the deposit? Also, I want to take all the written before I start the course. Maybe I’m getting the information mixed up. Just wondering the best ways to study for the written without committing to ATP or do they go hand in hand?

(Tory) #2


I think you are getting the written tests confused with the pretraining study material. The pretraining study material is available to you as soon as your deposit is received. The written tests are built into the program and will be deducted from your tuition. Or, you can take the writtens before you begin. If you take the written tests before securing your deposit, each test will need to be paid out of pocket. If you put your deposit down prior to taking the tests, the cost of each will be deducted from your tuition like normal.


(Jordan Coleman) #3

Thanks Tory,

I had a feeling that I was. The writtens have to be renewed every two years I believe. So these tests are completely different from the tests that ATP offers. Do you recommend taking the writtens before applying to ATP? I wanted to take them early but if they are included in the ATP program would it make sense to do them then?



The writtens EXPIRE after 24mos, they’re not “renewed”. Once you take them, provided you take the corresponding practical exam within the 24mos you’re done. You want to take them prior to get a jump on things but not before you know you’ll be starting training to avoid having to take them again. I def wouldn’t take them before applying (in case there’s an issue). Most people enroll, choose a start date 2-3 mos away, receive all the study materials and then start chipping away.


(Tory) #5

Just to clarify, the written test results expire after 24 calendar months and they are the same tests that ATP and every flight school offers. You can either take them during the program or before. They just have to be taken prior to each test’s respective check ride, but not too early because of the 24 calendar month expiration.

It absolutely makes sense to take them early. You don’t have to, but if you have the time, do it.


(Jordan Coleman) #6

Awesome thanks guys. Your clarifications and input are well received.