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(Austin Davis) #1

I’m looking for financing options and need some help. Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone have reviews on Randon aviation in Utah?

(Tory) #2


Being as this is ATP’s forum, we are mostly familiar with Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo.

And I am not familiar with Randon Aviation. I’ve visited their website. First impression, skeptical.

Your best bet is to visit the school yourself. Just be aware that the prices that they advertise online are based on FAA minimums, not national average minimums. Plus, notice the asterisk next to the solo time in the instrument and commercial phases, “This is assuming all the cross-country time building is done solo.” That’s misleading. Plus, who needs that much solo time anyway? I have 20 hours of solo time in my logbook. How much learning do you think is happening during all of that solo time?

Looks like every other mom and pop flight school. Like I said. Tour the school. Take this with you or have these questions in the back of your mind:



Well they do have a Groupon so that’s good! :wink:


As Tory said they seem like most mom and pop schools. I do ake exception to them disparaging the Cessna 172. While I myself am a Piper fan, you cannot legitimately call the Cessna an old design that’s not as safe or easy to fly as the Piper. Fact is more pilots have cut their teeth in 172s than any other airplane in the history of aviation.



They are doing the typical move of quoting the bare minimum FAA hours for each pilot certificate. I have only heard of one person getting their private license at 40 hours, most people are around 65 or so. That kind of advertising really bothers me as it sets a very unrealistic cost expectation.

(Michael Taft) #5

Sounds about right. I finished my PPL at 57.2 TT and that was under Part 141.