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Started September 17th at KLZU

(Zachary Porter) #1

A little late with this, had a hectic two and a half weeks with starting at ATP and my girlfriend’s car breaking down, making me her chauffeur to/from medical school for the time being lol.

I started September 17th in Lawrenceville, Georgia at KLZU, and it has been a great experience so far. All of the instructors are very knowledgeable, and the weather has been as cooperative as one could hope for! I should be completing my solo portion in about three weeks to a month from now!



Thanks for the update. Keep them coming!


(Zachary Porter) #3

Finally freaking got my PPL today. Weather has severely delayed things for me. Going to be doing two flights a day for like three weeks to get caught up haha. Having a blast though, nothing negative to say!


Congratulations!! That is a great accomplishment. Welcome to the pilot club and thank you for the update.


(Zachary Porter) #5

Thank you Chris!