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(Andrew ) #1

Adam and Chris- How often do you guys fly into SJC? I live in San Jose and enjoy parking near the runway and watching the planes come in. More of a curiosity question. What are your thoughts of SJC?



About once every two years. SJC is just not a place that I tend to frequent.

The airport itself is fine. The only thing that stands out is the displaced thresholds on both runways.




I know fly Interisland so I never leave the state of Hawaii. Flew into SJC once. It was a short overnight so not much for me to say.


(Tory) #4

That’s okay. I’m not offended that I wasn’t included in this question :wink: I’ve only flown there a gazzillion times!

It’s a middle of the road kind of airport, IMO. The best part about it the the view of the bay when descending on the arrival from the north. It’s also close to Levi Stadium, SAP Center, and Avaya Stadium. Be fun to see a game at any one of those places while on a layover.


(Andrew ) #5

Tory- You should definitely check out a sporting event at one of those venues. The Bay Area is an amazing place. Thanks for your input.

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