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Should I become a Pilot

(Ava) #1

Hi, my name is AVA I work at Boise Idaho Airport with American Airline. Every time the airplane stop I look at the pilots and I feel different I feel I should be there with them. Today I meet a pilot and I asked her, “Do you think I can do it?” she gives me this website, so I am happy to be here and get some answers from you
1- Should I start with a young age to become a pilot or wait? I am 24 years old.
2- Do you leave your home to study for a pilot or you can do it in your destination?
3-Do you think I can do it?
Thank you for your time



  1. Wait for what? If you want to be a pilot you need to train and the sooner you start the better. Seniority is everything at the airlines.

  2. You can train close to home if there’s a good flight school nearby. If not you may need to travel. This is ATPs forum and we’re all huge fans of their program. You need to do some research for yourself and decide what’s best for you.

  3. No clue? We have no idea who Ava is. Flying airplanes isn’t easy. It requires a fair amount of skill, intelligence and most of all hard work. Frankly not everyone is successful. The first thing I’d recommend is you go for an intro flight or take a lesson. Sure you can picture yourself in the cockpit when you look at the jets but until you’re actually sitting in the cockpit of a small plane you won’t know for certain.

I recommend you take a look at our FAQ section. There’s a ton of information on the process of becoming a pilot as well as other useful topics.


(Ava) #3

Thank you Adam

(Ross Toy) #4

Ava, I’m also located in the greater Boise area. I’ve been doing a lot of research on becoming a commercial pilot. FIRST, as had been told to me many times. Go apply for your FAA first class medical with an AME. They’re easy to find, I got in within a couple days around here. There is absolutely no point in pursuing it until you’re signed off as good to go. Locally you have options from mom and papa shop at 36k or 85k community college. Both will get you to CFII with the necessary ratings to gain hours to meet minimums for airlines. IMHO I’d do flight training at ATP. They require you to have a PPL, military, or college degree. I’m going to pay the money to the mom and pop’s shop for a ppl and apply for ATP. That’s just me though. Do your research and you’ll start seeing that there’s a 100 ways to get to the same point, and the industry’s much larger than airline transport.


ATP requires a PPL, 2yr degree, military OR equivalent work experience.