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You’re persistent I’ll give you that. How long to make $100hr? However long it takes to get hired by a Major or become a check airman at a Regional. Most pilots never become check airman so let’s forget that. How long to a Major? They claim the average now is 6yrs. That said I know pilots who have done it in 2, others it took 20 and some never did. Not sure how that averages to 6?



Looking at Republic’s payscales on, it looks like an 11th year captain makes $101 per hour. I would use 1,000 hours per year as a basis though as 83 hours per month is more typical.

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Thanks for the correction, Chris! I’ve edited that post.

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To further Chris’ example… Yes, it could be around six years if you go to Republic or maybe even less by the time you get there. Their new TA has increases each year until 2024. By 2024 you will be making over $100 p/hr as a three year captain, and a two year captain will make $99 p/hr. Upgrade time there is 2-5 years depending on base. Here’s a link to Republic’s TA slide deck: it only goes through 2020 but if you dig through the Republic forum discussion on the TA some have posted the full contract pay rates through 2024. Endeavor has similar pay rates to Republic, Expressjet just passed a similar agreement and it looks like Skywest might as well, so there are several now in those pay ranges.

This question come up a lot on APC and there are probably hundreds of threads where people explain this so spend some time looking through those forums to get a better idea. There’s even a thread in the majors where people post W-2 numbers.

I rarely ever ask any questions here or there, because, most likely someone has already asked the question and a quick google search will find it, or at least get you in the right direction.



The above is a TA and nothing more. Until it’s passed it’s worth no more than toilet paper. Further is the Republic pilots were to pass a TA that takes them to 2024 in this environment they’d be fools unless they got a “me too” clause which they won’t. More important at the first sign of trouble the airline will come to the pilots for concessions which makes the whole thing purely hypothetical.

That said it’s fun to see who’s offering what and speculate which Regional to sign with. Btw, anyone earn their Private yet? :slight_smile:


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You are correct that what I attached was a TA (actually an LOA) but it was voted in as per that slide deck at the end of January with retroactive pay to Jan 1 2018. If I recall correctly the reason it goes to the end of 2020 on the slide deck is because they have an opportunity to open it back up for negotiations then. Otherwise it continues on. The Expressjet contract I mentioned was also voted in at the end of September. Skywest’s is still currently “TA” of sorts. Not sure what to call it since they aren’t union.

And yes I earned my private in 2002.




So you’re saying it’s an “open ended” contract? It goes on unless they decide to renegotiate? Never heard of such a thing but it’s a brave new world. I did see Xjet signed and SkyWest is still talking. You’re certainly very well versed in Regional contracts. Who are you flying for?


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I don’t currently fly professionally. I would have disclosed that to you earlier if I did as I have a lot of respect for you, Chris and Tory. Thanks for all you do on here.

The reason I know so much about the Republic contract is I was recently accepted to their LIFT Academy. I’ve also been based in Indy (Republic’s headquarters) for the last two years and fly on their aircraft probably 2-6 times a month for business, so I’ve had a lot of interaction with their crews, and recruiting staff at airshows/events around Indy.

This is how they explained their contract to me in my own words… They signed a new contract in 2015 with an amendable date of Jan 1st 2018. The LOA I provided a link to was the amendments to the current contract and it addressed pay rates through 2024, PDO, and employer 401k contributions (maybe a couple of other things but those were the big ones). It also has an amendable date of Jan 1st 2021 so they can readdress any industry pay rates/other issues at that time. If nothing is agreed upon at that time then the new pay scales still have raises through 2024. My understanding is airline contracts never really have an end date due to the Railway Labor Act, but it does have the before mentioned amendable date, so I don’t think I’d call it open ended. My apologies if it came across that way. Most of the rest of my contract info comes from APC or talking with crews when I fly for business.

Beyond that my story is somewhat similar to yours when you started at ATP except I’m an executive at a logistics company instead of a “Somewhat successful restaurateur.”




No apology needed and I’m sorry if I came off like you did. Yes all contracts do continue it’s just the increases that usually cease.

All good bud.