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September 2018 Training and not much else


Another STUPID easy month. Fingers crossed this continues!

9/1 Resv. No Call
9/2 Resv. No Call
9/3 Resv. No Call
9/4 Recurrent Ground School
9/5 Recurrent Ground School
9/6 OFF
9/7 OFF
9/8 Resv No Call
9/9 Resv No Call
9/10-9/14 OFF
9/15 Resv No Call
9/16 Resv No Call
9/17 Resv No Call
9/18 Resv No Call
9/19 Training Travel HNL-BNE
9/20 SIM Review and First Look
9/21 Sim Maneuvers Validation
9/22 Sim LOE
9/23-24 Return BNE-HNL
9/25 OFF
9/26 OFF

Flew 13.5hrs / Paid 75 :slight_smile:

(Danielle Calnin) #2

Living the dream :slight_smile:


Yes, yes I am :slight_smile:

(Peter Banning) #4

That is absurd. :joy:



It really is. Reserve is not always a bad thing.


(Ben) #6

Man you work in a month what I do in a day lol I need to save up some cash fast so I can get my butt to ATP!



Didn’t anyone ever tell you? The key is to work smart not hard. :wink:


(Daniel ) #8

Wow. Just wow. Hawaii really is a vacation. :wink:

(Ben) #9

Yes, but I had a rough start to life and had to make some decisions that I didn’t want to. Working on saving up to go to flight school next year sir!

(Matthew Radford) #10

Just so I totally understand how this works. You are guaranteed 75hrs a month pay, even though you only worked 13.5hrs. Now, my biggest question is what is an average hourly rate for such a pilot job?
is it 75*$20=$1500, or 75*$120=$9000?



Check Airline Pilot Central for the various airline pay scales.


(Matthew Radford) #12

Thanks. I’ll look around there. I was just looking for an average…


There really aren’t averages as so much depends on what level you are at, how many years of service, first officer or Captain, etc.


Somewhere between $36 and $325 hour.


(Matthew Radford) #15

Thanks for the responses. Yes, I get all that about level, etc. Since this would be a career change, from tech to full time flying, for me, I am trying get an idea of how long it would take to get back to my current earnings, especially as I would need to get up to the 1500hrs…currently at about 600hrs.

(Peter Banning) #16

Check out Airline Pilot Central, for sure. Salaries for pretty much every airline are available there. Airline salaries are generally based on years of service with the airline, Captain or First Officer, and the type of equipment being flown.

A decent rule of thumb is to take the hourly pay rate and multiply it by 1000 to get an estimated, roundabout base yearly salary. You should be able to do some rough figuring with that info.



Take a look at a thread called “What do pilots really earn?” In my “Flying the Line” section.



Multiply by 1,000 not 100.



I get that you “get all that” but you’re talking about a multitude of variables. There are pilots making $400kyr and some making $40k. What if you bust checkrides and getting hired is an issue? What if the Regional you’re at loses it’s CPA with the Major and you’re stuck there for a decade? What if you wash out of upgrade? What if the price of oil goes up to $200 barrel and there are furloughs? I could go on but you get the idea. As Chris said, read the earnings post but remember there are no guarantees.


(Matthew Radford) #20

Hi Adam,
Thanks for all the details. Obviously, there is a range of earnings across the spectrum. So you got paid for 75hrs but only worked 13…good for you. I was just trying to do some simple math…75*100 is almost decent/livable. How long to get to $100/hr?..seems like 6 or more years. From flying the line “first officers at Compass Airlines earn between $29,500 their first year to $48,880 their fifth year”.