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Scheduling Tour

Has anyone been successful in scheduling a tour at any of the locations?

I did a search and it looks like there is conflicting information, some saying they do them on certain days/times, while others saying they called and were told they do not do them (apart from the scheduled intro flights.)

Just curious if anyone has done one recently.
I’d be coming in with my PPL, and thus don’t need to do the intro. flight, so was hoping to be able to setup a tour outside of that.

Thank you

Please let me know what you find regarding how to set-up a facility tour. I’ve been trying to arrange one online for weeks but have not received any feedback to date

Thanks a bunch


Not all locations have “office staff” so it’s literally just instructors and students in and out.

That being said after I put my deposit down I drove to my location a few days later numerous times as trial runs for an idea of traffic at different times of the day, while I was there I walked in met some students, and an instructor and just got a quick introduction out of the way.

Every location is different but as long as you respect their time (wait for someone to have a quick minute or two), explain you wanted to be ahead of the game of learning where the location was and what traffic flows were like they should (will) appreciate you using your own time to be as prepared as possible and can give you a quick minute or maybe more! If they can’t then maybe try again later.

Michael - you should be able to schedule a tour, however I also know that my location encourages walk-ins from the public and provide a tour and program overview from a CFI.

Clyde, I’ll let you know how it goes! I was going to give them a call myself anyways, and see what they say.

Tom & Simon, thank you both for the info. and the quick replies!
That is reassuring, and I was wondering about walk-ins.

My only issue would be I am coming from the Northeast (live in Boston), and am eyeing the Tampa location as my first choice and was hoping to tour that location. I didn’t want to risk flying all the way down there, only to not be able to tour the place if everyone was busy, without trying to set something up ahead of time.

Thank you!

Oh yeah def don’t do that lol. Give admissions a call they are usually accommodating especially if you are trying to make a location decision.

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The true “tour” is the introductory flight. That is a way to let you see the campus, have some instruction and most importantly, fly an airplane.


Will do, lol, thank you!

@Simon_UK Which ATL location are you training out of? I’m considering the Chamblee location.

Rich - I am training at the PDK location / Chamblee.

It’s working great for me, nice people, good aircraft and availability and some great instructors.

I would definitely recommend you pop by for a visit, walk-in and ask for a CFI and they’ll gladly show you around, following which you can book an intro Flight as needed.


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Ok, so I just got off the phone with Admissions, they couldn’t have been more helpful or nicer.

They DO, do tours (essentially an intro. flight experience minus the flying portion.)
They said they do them weekdays between 8am-3pm, every hour, on the hour.

I’ve scheduled mine for the Tampa location on Thursday 5/30.
I’ll report back afterwards for any of those interested in such a tour, so they know what to expect.


Glad it worked out. Please let us know your thoughts after.


I was able to tour the Tampa location last Thursday, and the experience was great!

One of the CFI’s took me around the facility, showed me around, and we chatted for a bit while checking out and sitting in the planes. He candidly answered all of my questions, and I didn’t feel like he was trying to sell me on anything or giving me the answers that he felt ATP would want him to give prospective students.

Everyone I encountered stated the same thing; that ATP has done exactly what they said they would do, for the price they said they would do it, and everyone has gotten exactly out of the program what they expected. I also really enjoyed the location overall (I got an Airbnb and was able to explore the area a bit the following day.)

I also got an email from Admissions staff following up right after the tour. I will say, staff have been extremely responsive in answering any and all questions to date.

All that’s left to do before I pull the trigger is get my first class medical (appointment is in two weeks!)


I am glad that the tour went so well. Thank you for the update, please let us know when you have scheduled your start date.


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Thank you, and will do!