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Schedule while flying

(Dustin Reidhead) #1

What is the schedule like when your out flying domestic routes. I know that the length and number of flights per day might change but for the most part are you always able to sleep 8 hours at your hotel or do you sometimes just get 4 hours before your next flight. Also dowe the airlines cover all taxi expenses? Also does the food stipend given cover the food you buy?


Dustin, the schedules can vary greatly depending on many factors (your airline, you’re aircraft, your base etc.). Regarding rest the FAA has very stringent regulations that require that pilots get a minimum of 8hrs rest (sometimes more). In the past that meant 8hrs away from the plane but in 2013 things got much tighter wit the passing of Part 117 which stipulates that means REST. So now the airlines must account for travel to and from the hotel and other contigencies.

The airlines pay for all transportation to and from the hotel. Sometimes it’s a van, sometimes a taxi, sometimes a limo but it’s always on them.

As for food there is no “food stipen”. Pilots receive what’s called per diem (above their pay) for every hour your away from base (that’s around the clock). Whether or not it covers your food depends on how much you eat but it should be more than sufficient.