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Same location as a CFI

For anyone who recently graduated or have insight, if offered a CFI job, is it practically guaranteed that one of the offered CFI job locations will be at the same location in which you were a student? Looking to make a move to and buy a house in Peachtree City, GA when I start as a student at that location…not just for my time at ATP, but also due to its extremely convenient location near Atlanta Airport. In other words, this move would be a long term move and I would hate it if ATP offers me a handful of locations but none are at the same site in which I was a student, forcing me to move after I buy a home.

You are guaranteed a job (if you don’t have too many checkride busts and are generally pleasant to work with), but not location. Their obligation is only insofar as they offer you a position at ATP, which covers all the locations. You can pick another location and continuously monitor your desired location for an opening and then switch when/if that becomes available.

You are guaranteed a job but it may not be your first choice since it’s dependent on if they need another instructor at that location

Thanks Caleb and Joshua. Have either of you already been offered a job? If so, was it for only one location or did you have several in which to choose?

Im currently working on my instrument rating so no, I have just asked the instructors at my location a similar question.

Also in my instrument phase so it’s mainly what I’ve heard from instructors on how the process works in transition (my current instructor is brand new and just finished the program a month ago or so) and also reading what ATP puts out about this.

Did you just start instrument caleb? or you coming up on your checkride?

That’s awesome, good luck with your instrument ratings to both of you! I plan to start SEP 2020, so you’ll both well be into being a CFI by the time I start training.

I’m 9 days out from my checkride, just completed my mock at the end of last week.

You will have a blast Sam. The studying can be a bore alot of the times, but if you power through, success will follow! Nice caleb, I started instrument stuff 2 weeks ago, so according to the schedule my checkrides projected to be at the end of september.

Sam - Like most things in life you get out what you put in, so while this program has it’s grueling moments, it’s also super rewarding in my opinion. Definitely recommend getting the writtens out of the way if you have the time between now and your start date.

Josh - Good stuff, enjoy all the XC time you get in this phase. For your instrument XC’s don’t be afraid to go to airports you haven’t been to. I did this and ended up going to some cool places in different directions even if we were just doing practice approaches into them.

Ya Ive been trying to go to all airports that are new to me, before I start repeating stuff!

Caleb, the writtens are definitely a common theme to knock out and luckily I’ll have all of next summer to study for them before starting.

If either of you two find yourselves at the Peachtree City ATP location instructing, watch out for me in the autumn of next year.


Yes it would be lousy to buy a home and that learn that you have to move which is why you either shouldn’t buy a home OR you should resolve that you may have to find a job other than with ATP.

ATP guarantees a job but in no way shape or form will (or should) they guarantee you a location. The idea is to place instructors where they’re needed and have the opportunity to build time. Let’s say you were at you location, steadily building your time and one day ATP sends 2 new instructors because they didn’t want to go elsewhere. There’s the same number of students and you go from building 75-80hrs down to 40 and now the year you figured to hit 1500 is now 2+. Would that be cool with you?

Basically the choice will be yours and in reality you could luck out but I would not be counting on anything.



It totally makes sense about other people coming in from other locations, was just curious if they gave gave the option to stay at the same location since you were already there, potentially have an apartment already set up, know the area etc. as oppose to moving you out. With that knowledge, I’ll probably just get a room while I’m there, thanks.


Like Adam said, there are flight instructor jobs outside of ATP. Falcon aviation has two locations not too far from PDK. If you are thinking about sticking with a flight school somewhat similar to ATP.

There are also other schools in the area here!

Sounds good. I do like to keep my options open but it’s at least a relief that (provided I pass my checkrides) I will have a guaranteed employment with ATP. I guess that decision point will have to wait until I get closer to graduation, a year and a half from now. :sweat_smile:

If you have a CFI certificate you will have guaranteed employment most anywhere. CFIs are in huge demand across the country.

I bet with all the Regionals seemingly sucking up every CFI once they reach 1500 hours. It’s always nice to have that guarantee none-the-less for sure, even if I may not need it due to the supply and demand for CFIs.