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Regional Flying

(Cameron Clark) #1

This may be a dumb question but I am going to ask it anyway. When you fly for a regional, like Skywest, can you fly for multiple of the carriers that have deals with? If I am a pilot for the CRJ700, could I have certain flights on a United Express and Delta Connection planes, or do you stick with just one? I assume that if I was based in Salt Lake for example, I would primarily fly Delta Connection aircraft, but is it possible to have legs on United?



Not a stupid question at all. You definitely could but most bases and fleets will only service a single Major (for logistical purposes, as you said Delta in SLC, United in ORD etc) but that’s not written in stone. Also as contracts with the Majors expire or are renewed they’re may be shifting demand etc. In the end it really doesn’t matter what name is on the tail, it’s all good.




You are correct, as a regional pilot you can fly for any and all of the majors that the regional has contracts with, although your domicile will probably heavily favor one airline over the other.


(Cameron Clark) #4

So would this mean you get flights benefits on all Majors that regionals have deals with?



Yup. GREAT perk!


(Ryan Hollman) #6

I’m getting ready to start with Compass in August. They base out of LAX, PHX, and SEA and fly both Delta and American flights, but only out of LAX. SEA and PHX are Delta only, so I only get benefits on American if I fly out out LAX. I can’t speak for SkyWest or other regionals on this.

I will fly both Delta and AA flights out of LAX, but not sure how they scheduling works on that, if I would fly both on the same trip.