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Prospective Student-Guaranteed CFI question

(Robert P.) #1

I’m evaluating a career change thru ATP’s Airline Pilot program. I’ve been researching everything for about a month now and check this forum everyday to learn as much as I can to aid in the decision making process.

A question or issue that I can’t seem to answer and wrap my head around has to do with the guaranteed cfi job. With an instructor to student ratio of 1:3 avg, how are there enough instructor spots to offer a guarantee to all the students that graduate? Am I not factoring in variables like washouts or students who decline the cfi job?

What am I missing?




You hit the nail on the head. Some instructors wash out, but the biggest difference for the discrepancy is that not everybody chooses to instruct at ATP. Some people return to their home states to instruct at local schools, some chose not to instruct at all and pursue other opportunities.

Good question.