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Problem with the instructor

(Dean dean ) #1

My instructor is very knowledgeable but his teaching style is really messed up. Sometimes he gets mad when I ask a question twice and he assumes that I know everything when I am brand new just joined ATP. I noticed the students are better at explaining than him and he’s not very engaging. I really want a different instructor but then I don’t want to mess up my relationship with him. Any advice is appreciated?



First off no instructor (ATP or otherwise) should be getting angry UNLESS you’re not showing up prepared or completing your assignments. If that’s not the case and you’re doing your part I would definitely talk to the location manager or ATP admin directly. You’re a customer and have invested a considerable amount in your career and deserve to be treated fairly. Further ATP needs to know if there’s a problem with one of their instructors. As far as not wanting “to mess up your relationship” what’s more important, your relationship or your aviation career?


(Steve Kittel) #3

My take is…you are a student but also the customer…if you aren’t jellin with your instructor, then ask for a new one. It will only hurt your progress. I had an instructor from belgium when I first started my private back in the 90s and had trouble with his accent. I think it hurt me some, but he was a good instructor and patient.

(Tory) #4


Adam is right. Saving face will hurt you in the long run. ATP will support you if an instructor is behaving unprofessionally. Take your issue up the ladder and if any more problems come up in the future, get more support from management. If your instructor has an ounce of empathy, they should apologize and take responsibility.


(Dean dean ) #5

Thanks for chiming in everyone. I will do something about it.



Definitely talk to admin on this and do not settle. In my experiences, ATP has been very supportive of the students in situations like this, but they have no way of knowing there is an issue unless you tell them.


(Ben) #7

I take this sentiment when it comes to people losing their temper. If they lose it over something as trivial as asking questions then they aren’t fit to fly. I see this all the time with pilots I fly with at the airline I fly.

Sure, you can always try to be perfect, never ever forgetting a fact and being the perfect student, but professionalism is not about never making a mistake, it’s about getting the job done safely. Anyone who can’t handle problems whether a student with a question or an airplane that needs maintenance coordinated is not ready to fly and definitely not fit to teach.

That said, a lot of people can’t keep their cool in professions of all kinds so it pays to be proactive. As to not messing up your relationship all I can say is you deserve to be treated with professionalism. I’m confident that if you’re concerned about someone acting this way that you’ll express your wishes to change instructors, et al in a way that is polite and professional.