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Private pilot certificate goal

(German reyes) #1

I currently have 33 flight hours I’m currently about to solo, I have my pre solo exam on Sunday. I’m flying 3 times a week. My goal is to earn my certificate by July or by early August I’m wondering if I should fly 4 or 5 times a week, after June 13 because that’s when I go on summer break. What are some steps for me to earn my certificate by my goal and if u have any tips or study ideas.



Obviously the more you fly the better. There’s a reason the airlines and the military train their pilots daily. That all said I have no idea how you’re progressing and think this is a question and a plan better discussed with your instructor.


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The more often you fly, the better. Consistency is key to effective training.

However, these questions are better directed to your flight instructor.


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(Tory) #4


Without knowing what your syllabus looks like, I won’t be able to tell you how often you should be flying. I also don’t know how well you’ve been progressing. Your CFI should be able to sit down with you and figure this out.


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(Rory A King) #5

You are in the same situation as me, I am currently at 18 hours and just went for my solo last week. I have no choice to finish my PPL before I am enrolled at a flight school in Georgia and starting on my instrument rating. I am flying at least 3 times a week and pick up the extra day here and there. It all depends on how you are progressing and how good you CFI is. I went up for the solo at 15 hours, it is a little concerning that you are double that but everyone learns at different rates. Some CFI choose to solo you later not because you couldn’t have earlier but that is how they teach their curriculum. I learned last week ATP students solo at 80 hours, around the same time they become instrument rated which I found interesting!
Make sure you are studying hard outside of being at the airport. I would recommend sporty’s pilot course ($199) and work through that. I am about 60 percent done with the course. I feel it has been very beneficial to cover topics before a lesson or ground school as to save money and fly more :smiley:
As a side note, if you feel you may being ‘milked for money’ because it does happen, sit down with you CFI and set out a timeline that can be a guide.
Good luck German, keep me updated

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(Rory A King) #6

Just an edit as I was not clear regarding ATP solo/instrument. This is what I was referring to :slight_smile:

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(Caleb Shearer) #7

Just wanted to clarify as the program has changed since she went through. We now solo at 47 hours and have our PPL checkride at 80 hours. The reason for all the hours and why it isn’t really concerning in the sense that you’re traditionally thinking of is ATP has it structured this way to build in time to meet the commercial hours requirements later in the program. So it helps for those hours to be in the private phase as you get a lot of extra time to practice different aspects and you have several evaluation flights along the way.


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Thank you for the advice and good luck with your training too