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Pilot certificate questions after checkride pass

Just saying that on July 24, 2019, I have passed the private pilot checkride. As I checked the IACRA about the status, my last status stated that it has been received by the airman registry. Afterwards, it changes to either completed or rejected. What does those statuses mean? Also, how long does it take (typically) from a checkride pass to getting the official certificate?

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Congrats on the pass. There’s a reason why the temporary you received is good for 120 days. The FAA is short staffed and you’re far from the only pilot who took a checkride on July 24. The status’ are pretty simple. Received means they received it. Accepted means all the right boxes were checked and it’s being processed. Rejected means all the right boxes were not checked (most common error is not having signatures) and it’ll be returned to the DE for correction.

I believe current the FAA is quoting times of 6-8 weeks. It hasn’t even been 3, relax.


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Usually you get the permanent certificate just a few days before the temporary one expires :slight_smile:

Congratulations on officially being a pilot!