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Payments on ATP

(Santiago Urrego) #1

Hello everyone, I was wondering how are the payments carried out, is it monthly, weekly, pay as you go?, I searched that up on their website but it only displays that info for the international program and not for the fast track program (from zero time) which has a total cost of over 70k. Thanks



Payments are on a monthly basis and are determined based on your loan amount and interest rate. Don’t forget that payments can be partially offset by the Tuition Reimbursement Program, which can pay up to $500 per month of your monthly loan payment.



Hello Santiago,

Students get loans from a variety of sources offered through ATP. Traditionally payments are made monthly but you could obviously pay more if you like. That said I don’t believe financing is available to international students and you would need to make your own arrangements. I’d call ATP and make certain but I’m pretty sure they don’t.


(Santiago Urrego) #4

Thanks to the both of you Adam and Chris.

(Angel) #5

Would these payments be after finishing the program right?



The payments will be due 6 months after completion of the training program, so you should already have a paycheck by then, assuming you accept the CFI job.




The payments are due after 6 mos as Yarden said. If you instruct for ATP there is Tuition Reimbursement available once you commit to a Regional (if you so chose). Also keep in mind you can defer your payments until you’re actually hired by an airline. While that’s not the most fiscally responsible choice, it is an option.