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Pattern of ATP recruitment of Grad student

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Thank you to all our wonderful pilot that take there time to reach out and enlighten us on the career and the path. Also thanks to Chris I got the email appreciate your reaching out. I have been following the forum and I’m glad I joined. I can’t believe I can get all the info I have now for free. It’s been really educating and now I’m looking forward to start my dream career. I suppose some of the pilot in the forum went to ATP so I will like to ask this. Are all student of ATP automatically employed as flight instructor if they apply? Is there any reason they won’t employe a student after getting his comercial license. I’m not so good in asking question pls pardon me if my question don’t make much sense. Thank you



Students from ATP are offered the opportunity to instruct for the company via a guaranteed job offer. That being said, new hire instructors also have to complete the Standardization course before they are passed off to students to instruct. This course guarantees that all of ATP’s instructors are on par with each other and are providing the same level of quality instruction to their students. A student needs their CFI certificate, not just their commercial license to instruct, which is included as part of the Airline Career Pilot Program.

Your question made perfect sense, thanks for asking it. Feel free to ask anything else that you can think of.



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Thank for the answer Chris it helped


Anytime, that is what we are here for. Keep asking your questions!


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Hi Chris, do you have any insight into how easy or difficult it is to have enough trainees to instruct while the CFI is trying to obtain their commercial license? The ATP site says an instructor can train up to 70 hours a month, but my concern is having enough trainees to instruct for the 70+ hours a month. If I don’t have trainees, then that delays me reaching the 1500 hours.



I cannot speak to the situation at other flight schools, but I can tell you that ATP keeps their instructors busy. I have not heard of any issues at all regarding CFIs not having enough students. That isn’t to say that some months won’t be busier than others, but there is a steady stream of students going through the program and the instructors are generally rather busy keeping up with it.




Just to dovetail with Chris, also keep in mind ATP has 40 locations across the country. They won’t flood any one location. While you may not get your choice they do an excellent job of spreading the wealth to keep the food chain moving. That said yes there may be some months that are quieter than others (and some busier). That’s why the approximate 2 years to get the 1500hrs is just that,it’s an approximate. Yes it may take you longer but you’d be hard pressed to find another school that will get you anywhere near those hours.


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Thank you for your feedback, Chris. I appreciate it.

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Thanks, Adam! This is good to hear.



From a more recent perspective, ATP has highs and lows when it comes to students. Seasons, weather, location all affect the number of students that sign up for the program.

I personally instructed at KIWA and the summer months were a little bit slower since we had the ASU flight program and the students were on break. Then during the fall, when the school year started again, we would get so busy that sometimes there weren’t enough instructors to go around.
Instructor friends of mine at other locations also had their ups and downs with students. My buddy went up to KHIO (ATP Portland) and during the first few months he wasn’t flying too much due to weather, but later on when the weather got better, he was averaging 120hrs a month.

I would say a good average is around 70-80 hours a month.



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