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Optimistic but worried

(Jordan Coleman) #41

Thank you all for all your information, experience, and advice. When I started this post, I didnt imagine it would end up like this. I started this post to get answers and I did. It started out very shaky and possibly negative. But, it evolved into giving everyone a voice and in need of information.
I want to say thank you to everyone. Especially to you Chris. Your comment opened my eyes and that I should not overreact to comments. Except, understand them and learn from them. Thanks again.



Alaska isn’t a Legacy carrier. Not even close.


(Caleb Shearer) #43


I apologize, it was listed as such under Airline Pilot Central’s website so that was the information I was drawing from. Thanks for the correction.


(Tory) #44


It’s not?



Alaska might technically be a legacy carrier, but their pay, contracts, benefits and fleet size are certainly not on par with the big three.


(Tory) #46

Two separate points being made here.



Yes we are and mine is while by White Castle sells hamburgers, they’re not what immediately comes to mind when you say the word :wink:


(Aaron Levy) #48

Going to a local school could take longer or it could be the same, possibly even shorter (but thats not likely) I did my private at a local FBO in 11 weeks (including 2 weeks I was on vacation) so around the same as most do at ATP (I think?) but unfortunately I finished that on August 29th, and haven’t started my instrument training yet, if I was at ATP I could be instrument rated already and working on commercial (Can’t go there because I’m not 18 though) and the reason I haven’t started instrument training elsewhere is because I wanted to finish the semester of college first) so I’ll be starting again in 2-3 weeks. If you can ATP is usually the fastest but its possible at a local school if you’re committed