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November ‘18 Schedule_Upgrade Training

(Tory) #1

23 flight hours, 85 credits, 16 days off

Finished off the month with approx 1,100 hours SIC! Awarded CA upgrade on the E175! Only took a total of 16 months. I feel very lucky to have reached this point in my career in such a short amount of time. My timing couldn’t have been better. From being in Horizon’s second class to get typed on the 175, having a line immediately after IOE, to now, upgrading on the same piece of equipment, with 175 captains below me already with lines in January. Here’s a quick overview of how training has been going so far.

Ground school was jam packed with systems review and FMS lab. The first two days of GS were my favorite. We spent both days in a command workshop, learning about what we are soon to experience as captains. After GS we jumped in the VPT to practice flows, call outs, checklists, normal and abnormal procedures, etc.

The VPT is a cool piece of equipment. It’s a $500,000 computer with touchscreen monitors and can simulate an entire flight, including simulated emergency procedures. It’s a much more effective training device than the traditional paper tiger.

Next month, we will finish VPT and begin sim lessons. I’ll be at Flight Safety in STL for the first 6 sims and then return to SEA for the last 4.

DH = Deadhead
GS = Ground School
VPT = Virtual Procedures Trainer

  5. GS
  6. GS
  7. GS
  8. GS
  9. GS
  10. Thanksgiving
  11. GS
  12. GS & Knowledge Test
  13. VPT
  14. VPT
  15. VPT


Congrats bud! Nice way to start the New Year!


(Tory) #3

Thanks, Adam :blush:


(Michael Taft) #4

Congrats Tory! Story’s like this keep me motivated that anything is possible! I’ve got 7 months to go before my start date. Studying hard for my CAX test at the moment.

You’re schedule this month looks easy goin, but I’m sure you were studying your butt off! Again congrats and Happy New Year!

(Tory) #5

Thanks, Michael! You’re doing yourself a huge favor by taking those tests. Carry that work ethic with you from here on out and you’ll do fine.

Happy New Year!



Congratulations on holding Captain! Now we are all patiently waiting for that in the cockpit picture as soon as you finish training :slight_smile:

(Tory) #7

Thanks, Chris!