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Next steps in my Career

(Michael S Bova) #1

So I am currently a freshman at the University of Iowa and I have a private pilots license. I am curious if the airlines require 4 years of college education. If not, what would you recommend for my next steps in my aviation career.



With very few exceptions the airlines all require a four year degree. I would recommend that you finish your degree where you are now and then begin your flight training with a school that offers Fast Track training. I have seen people stop school, go to flight school and then restart school, but this seems like the hard way to do things and many times people do not finish their degree, which of course causes problems later when applying for the majors.
Great job on having your private at such a young age, that is impressive.


(Michael S Bova) #3

Thank you for the information. Do the airlines prefer certain majors or do they just require any degree from any 4 year university/college?



Field of study is your choice. The degree is more a demonstration that a person has the dedication and discipline to complete a course of study. I usually encourage people to study something other than aviation you’re interested in. It’s always a good idea to have a Plan B, just in case you change your mind or things don’t work out how you like.




I chose to get a degree in Business Administration. While I hope to never use it I felt it was good to have a backup plan. Just make sure the degree is in something respectable (no sky diving degrees) and from an accredited four year university or college.