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New ATP student

(Anthony Cocomazzi) #1

Hey guys I’m new here. I’ve been going through the forums and have found a great amount of information about ATP. I have a few questions about financing and admissions if you don’t mind. I currently work for an airline in Boston in operations. Although I am thinking about going to ATP in Fort Lauderdale. The airline is nice but it allows no time for training and a career as a commercial pilot is #1 on my list. I currently am quite lucky as I’m still only 18 so my only expense monthly is my car insurance/payment and gas etc… even with the long move to Florida I still plan to bring my car as I have resided there before so I’m familiar with the area and need a mode of transportation. With that said can my car payments which totals around 430 a month be added to my loan? Also I’d prefer to stay in the west palm area ( about 45mins away) instead of in Fort Lauderdale as I’m much more familiar with the area. So if I had got somebody to co-sign for a place in that area for let’s say 1,000-1200 a month (probably a little less) could that be added to the loan as well? How much have you guys added to your loans? Of course some of you have family and mortgage etc… so I’m just curious because it seems like with my car and a 1,000/month apartment it was up around 15,000 extra probably a little more that I would need to add to my loan which seems unnecessary, OR would you just recommend the 800/month place ATP offers?Talking about the ATP provided housing. Is it with a roommate and is it generally nice? Lastly I do currently have a few hours under my belt but training stalled out due to availability and I’ve seen that the intro flight is required if coming with zero time. If I’ve spent a little time off but still have some hours (around the 20 hour mark) will that still be required? Thank you for your answers I really appreciate them and thank you for your time.



It is possible to add an extra amount per month to your loan, this is done on the form of a stipend. You would need to talk to the admissions or finance department at ATP for specifics on how much can be added.

ATP housing is shared housing, with a roommate, it is usually rather nice.

I do see an issue though in that ATP requires students to either have a PPL, have two years of college, or two years of full time work experience. You will need to be able to check one of those boxes before attending the program.


(Anthony Cocomazzi) #3

That was my main concern was the loan. I have a place that a family member owns just north of the FXE ATP that would cut the cost for housing down to free but of course I do have other spending that I was concerned about while in the 9 month course.

Also I have actually been working full time for two and a half years so I could check that box. Am I wrong or can I just tick the 0 total time box when applying to ATP or is that separate from the qualifications to get into ATP? I imagine at least some students my age haven’t held a job for at least two years if at all and college isn’t an option because of age. So how do students my age with 0 total time get into ATP?

Thanks for the reply



So you have been working full time, 40 hours per week, since you were 15.5 years of age? How did you graduate high school?

People need to meet one of the criteria that I mentioned to be able to gain admittance to ATP. You can always call and discuss with the admissions department.


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Yes I started when I was 16 at a restaurant and now with an airline. Now I’m currently 18 and a half just about. I did my schooling at connections academy it was an online high school where I still got a full high school diploma at graduation. So it made it easier to work and attend school because school could be adjusted to be done on my time for example after work at night or in the mornings if I had an evening shift etc…


" I imagine at least some students my age haven’t held a job for at least two years if at all and college isn’t an option because of age. So how do students my age with 0 total time get into ATP?"

They don’t and frankly you might not qualify either. I recommend you contact ATP admin and make sure before you make further plans. ATP didn’t always have that requirement but found many young people without either a degree or equivalent work experience simply didn’t have the maturity or work ethic to be successful in a program as rigorous as ATPs.